A Black & White Christmas

Low-angle shoots

I really like this angle and wanted to try it out after seeing a lot of photos shoot this way. I basically sat the camera on the ground and let focus, then snapped the shot. I have a battery grip on my camera so it was easy to balance the camera. This angle gives photos more depth to me.

Took these photos with my Canon EF f1.8 50mm lens. It was freezing cold out side!!

I used the edge of the concrete to frame this shot, and ended up getting some nice blurred lights in the background.
Here I tried to capture the curvature of the path and the bushes along side it.
Simply grass.
Wanted to capture the glare of the lights from the building across the street.
Simply grass sticking up out of the snow.
I really like the reflection of the light on the wet asphalt.
Snow, grass, and leaves. 
 A tree's roots covered in snow.
 Bushes with snow on them.


I just set up my tripod and decided to play around with some different shoots I had in my head.

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