Light . . .

. . . and its many forms.

As a photographer I look at light differently, than the average person, any other photographer would understand this perspective. Light is what makes the image, and can be interpreted in all kinds of ways. Indoor, outdoor the light makes a difference but the question never changes, what type of lighting situation am I in. A building at 12 o'clock make look better at 6 o'clock if you think photographically.

What I tried to do with these set of images is just interpret light in a different part of the day, particularly late afternoon, but what I tried to capture is the light at different angles and heights which changes the way my camera metered the light. Shooting on manuel I found it easier to capture the light in which I saw it in real time, and I've come along way in understanding light from when I first started photography. My shutter was my best friend in this series of photographs.

With that in mind I want you to interpret these photos. What do you see, What do you think.

Let me know in the comment section below.


Looking Out



Add Stripes




Door Post



Open Book


Look in the mirror

Low persepctive

Art Sculpture by Chris Reed Pt.3

After following UofM Art student Chris Reed around from a little over a month the finished product is here. From clay to wax, wax to casting in bronze, Reed’s crucifix hand sculpture is at its final stage. Reed spent countless hours perfecting his sculpture for his foundations class, the set of images below document the final process Reed went through to Finnish the hand sculpture.

If you missed it check out Part 1 and Part 2


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