Last week I photographed a group of dancers practicing, and I really enjoyed the challenge of not blurring my images, but in the case of some of the photos, I don't mind the blurring/out of focus look at all.

Introducing Marco A.

Singer/ song writer Marco A. also known as Marcus Hurt, University of Memphis student, gives us a couple of snippets from his upcoming album Living Music, due to be released some time in the Fall.

He shares with us one of the first songs he ever wrote, called "Feel Favored" and another song called "The Way I feel About You" feat. Preauxx. 


BSA Fashion Show Final Cuts

Black Student Association (BSA) chair Silas Vassar and co-chair Jenil Askew make the final choices on models for the 2011 BSA Fashion Show, which will be held on November 11, 2011 (11.11.11 The Remedy) at The University of Memphis.

Tryouts where held on last week on Friday and Saturday, and there was plenty of diversity in attendance from shape, size, height, ethnicity, and style. A theme that Vassar and Askew are going for in this years show.

Lighting Class

Studio lighting. Not one of my fortes, but I really want to learn how to do it. The first couple weeks of class we've dealt with standard methods of how to light portraits, such as: broad, short and butterfly lighting, and also how to use and reflect the key light and add hair, rim, and background lights. All of our portrait had to be shot with a 3:1 ratio.

Critique #1 was today, I had to display the following images in class, and I did pretty well with the exception of an exposure problem on one photo and a couple of shadow issues on the broad, short, and butterfly lighting.