Video: How Is This Possible? A Blind Photographer?

| Artists Wanted | In Focus : Pete Eckert from Artists Wanted on Vimeo.

Pete Eckert is a totally blind person. But through his photography, he proves that he IS a visual person, he just can't see. 

Pete was the Grand Prize recipient of Artists Wanted: Exposure 2008, an international photography competition, and was awarded $2,008 with a formal reception at Leo Kesting Gallery in New York City on Thursday August 7, 2008.

Artists Wanted is proud to present this truly inspiring portrait of the artist. 

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Backstage at the Miss Black & Gold Pageant

Every year several chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.. across the nation hold there annual Miss Black & Gold Scholarship Pageant. This year I had the opportunity of photographing the pageant here at the University of Memphis for the Kappa Eta Chapter.

Instead of just getting photos of the actual show, I wanted to capture some backstage elements of the pageant as well. To show how much preparation the girls put into preparing for the pageant.


Sculpture by Adam Silver

This quite unique, elegant sculpture was done by Adam Silver, University of Memphis art student of

Shapes in Architecture

Staircase on campus at the University of Memphis. What makes the two tonal differences in light and color is that the top half of the stairs is lit by a skylight and the lower half is lit artistically by fluorescent lights.

Photographer Profile: William Eggleston

 William Eggleston

"You can always tell a William Eggleston photograph. It’s the one in color that hits you in the face and leaves you confused and happy, and perhaps convinces you that you don’t understand photography nearly as well as you thought you did" -  Peter Schjeldahl of  The New Yorker

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