Amazing Sculptures in the Art Building by Chris Reed

Chris Reed

University of Memphis art student Chris Reed, was working on a sculpture class project dealing with the crucifix. This hand mold is made from clay and modeled after his own hand. First he made a metal frame of his hand and then molded the clay around it. This project is not yet finished, Chris said that he is going to make a bronze casting of the hand, and to do that he must cut off the fingers of the hand make molds of them ( as you will see in the video below), he said it was easier to do the hand and figures separately and them form them back into one piece.

He is also going to add a nails in the hand, and also mold a pair of feet to go along with the hand.

Jazz Improv by Keon Prewitt

Today, I was on my way to meet a friend on campus in the music building, and happened to see my friend Keon on the way, by chance we were headed to the same place. At first I asked him if he could take a few photos with his saxophone , and told him to just play while I took pictures to give the photos a more natural feel. But as he begin to play it sounded so good that I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to recored him. So I hope you enjoy the sounds as much as I did check out the video below, and photos too. Enjoy!

Campus showing signs of life

After the long winter and its dull colors, spring and its vibrant colors are right around the corner. Various flowers have began to bloom around campus, giving it more color than its brick structures and overcast skies.  The different colors and textures displayed by these flowers are intresting to me and thats why I photographed them. I've chosen a few of my favorite to post on the blog and the rest are in a slide show below. Enjoy!

An afternoon sun

Took some pictures of the sun while riding around this afternoon. With weather being the way it has for the last couple of weeks (rainy, cloudy skies with cold, mild temps) has made room for some interesting compositions to take place. The top two photos where taken on Germantown Parkway and the other where taken on Walnut Grove. I'm looking forward to bringing more pictures of the sun in late afternoon and early evening time to you the viewers. Enjoy!

Preauxx Live @ Hi-Tone

I recorded a few of Preauxx's performance's at Hi-Tone Cafe last Sunday, so to all of you that couldn't make it here you go. Enjoy! 

Beautiful Sunset at the University of Memphis

This evening I was fortunate to capture such a sunset while hanging out with friends at the University Center. I was talking with friends then happened to look up and see these amazing bright red and bluish colors beaming from the window. I immediately thought I must catch this moment. So I rushed up stairs to the third floor balcony and snapped away.

The sunset sat just behind Wilder Tower on campus and created a beautiful silhouette of it and the buildings surrounding it.

Enjoy and leave me a comment on what you think!

Preauxx Live @ Hi-Tone video coming soon......

Sunday night Preauxx performed live at Hi-Tone Cafe located in midtown Memphis, in front a crowd of his peers in celebration of his newly released mixtape "Love Jones". Preauxx gave nothing short of  an amazing show, performing several songs from "Love Jones" and even a new song from his upcoming album, yet to named. The crowd was on its feet from the time Preauxx hit the stage, up until he rapped his last verse of the night. 

For those of you who missed out there will be exclusive video footage posted here Friday, so be on the look out!

Good job Preauxx!

Images captured on Campus

 Monday while walking through campus a couple of things caught my eye. Like this Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellate) tree :

 As you can see the tree is covered in flowers  now before the leaves come back, which lets us now that spring is right around the corner. I took these photos late afternoon around 3:00 which gives it kind of a dark feel because it was really cloudy at the time.

Also late after noon I noticed the sun ray beaming through the clouds ever so softly.