My favorite photos of 2010

I wanted to take time out to highlight my favorite shots from this year, from the Black Student Association Fashion Show, fun with friends, and "The Story" I've enjoyed them all this year in 2010. Starting out this year in digital photography I didn't know what kind of photos I would capture but I'm thankful for the opportunities I received and the people I captured in the photos. 

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Jai Nicole
 BSA Fashion Show Practice

  Silas & Angie
BSA Fashion Show  Photo Shoot

Ariel & Fred
BSA Fashion Show  Photo Shoot

Nesha & Shawn
On The Spot Photo Shoot

Silas & Cherise

Photographer Profile: Rog Walker

Rog Walker

  Here are a few of my favorite photos by photographer Rog Walker. I discovered him a couple of months ago while looking at some posts on  of whom he's good friends with owners Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs. Walker has done several post for Street Etiquette and here they are 1, 2,  and 3. From then on I've been a big fan of his work.

  My thoughts on Walkers images is that they are phenomenal and of great quality and content. An example of where urban photography is going. 

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All photo credit goes to Rog Walker.

Carlitta Durand “Nostalgic Nights” EP

The elegant songstress who resides in the North Carolina region Carlitta Durand has released her second EP Nostalgic Nights. Durand has work closely with Phonte, Nicolay, Zo!, Darien Brockington, Yahzara and The Foreign Exchange who all come from the North Carolina region. I interviewed in the past on my word press blog here. In my opinion this EP is a very good selection of songs that express the elegance and beauty voice of Durand's voice.

A Black & White Christmas

Low-angle shoots

I really like this angle and wanted to try it out after seeing a lot of photos shoot this way. I basically sat the camera on the ground and let focus, then snapped the shot. I have a battery grip on my camera so it was easy to balance the camera. This angle gives photos more depth to me.

Took these photos with my Canon EF f1.8 50mm lens. It was freezing cold out side!!

I used the edge of the concrete to frame this shot, and ended up getting some nice blurred lights in the background.
Here I tried to capture the curvature of the path and the bushes along side it.
Simply grass.
Wanted to capture the glare of the lights from the building across the street.
Simply grass sticking up out of the snow.
I really like the reflection of the light on the wet asphalt.
Snow, grass, and leaves. 
 A tree's roots covered in snow.
 Bushes with snow on them.


I just set up my tripod and decided to play around with some different shoots I had in my head.

The Story

  This is it, it's here. As I said in the preview this editorial consists of a series of photographs that tell the story of a couple who are going through tough trails in their relationship. The setting of the photographs depict the couple out on a date which will determine their future together.

  This story is told through the lens of vintage fashion from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, I could say the 1950s too, but their much more diverse in styles than the other decades listed. Parts of the outfits worn by the couple featured can be categorized in each category of those decades. 

  About two or three weeks ago I decided to do this shoot at the spur of the moment. We did the shoot on a Saturday morning around 11, the day started out cloudy but eventually the sun came out and allowed me to capture some good shoots. I could have edited these photos to look vintage and add grain to them etc., but i decided to got with them as is. These images were shot in digital and film, maybe later I'll scan the negatives and upload a few but in the mean time take a look at these.

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Models: Cherise Mayes & Silas Vassar III

Location: Memphis

Styling: Cherise Mayes & Silas Vassar III

Photography: Aaron Turner

 An excerpt from this poem.

An excerpt from this poem.

Inspired by scenes from the movie Idlewild.