Art Sculpture by Chris Reed Pt.2

I followed University of Memphis art student Chris Reed over the course of a several days in an effort to document his journey of casting his clay hand sculpture in bronze. His hand sculpture is a project dealing with the crucifix, and when completed will include another hand, and a set of feet and nails.

Here Chris takes pieces of metal and place them around the edges of the hand sculpture to create a two-sided mold when he places it into plaster, as seen below.

Here is the two-sided hand mold which Chris will fill with wax and reform the hand all over again, In the garbage sites the clay stripped from the plaster mold.  

Chris places the mold into water for a minute or two before starting the process of filling it with wax.

Then Chris took a rubber band and another device to hold the mold together, and seals the cracks with clay, before he pores the wax into the mold to recreate the hand in wax, as seen in the photos below.

Here Chris is assisted by his friend Thomas Elliot.


The wax machine.

Here Chris and Thomas move the mold back and forth as they fill it with wax, as to be sure to coat each corner of the mold.

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