Interesting Photos of Campus

When the news of bad winter weather (icy roads and slippery highways)  hit Memphis on Tuesday I decided to go out on campus and take some photo evidence. As I walked around campus at about 5:00 pm  or 6:00 pm the snow began to fall and I noticed the falling snow and might sky against the campus lights created a nice affect.

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Photo of the day: The Camera Doesn't matter

 by  Rachel E.

This photo was taken by my friend Rachel E. with her cell phone. A cell Phone? thats right! This is the point I try to get across to people all the time when they ask me about photography: It's not the camera, but the person behind it. 

This quote I read on a website about a month ago sums it all up, but I don't remember who said it though.

"All the technique in the world can't make up for the inability to notice"

What also can be said in place of the word technique is equipment because you can have the world's best and still not be able to execute a beautiful or meaningful photo.

I was very happy when she showed me this photo, because what I try to convey to other people actually happened.

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Photo of the day

As I was walking through the Art building earlier this week I was going down the stairs when I saw this in the corner of my eye, and had to stop to take a snap shoot, this painted banner boasts the statement:

"Artists can make money by pretending to serve other purposes"

It's a very bold statement and it made me think. Is it true or not?

What are your thoughts on this statement? When thinking about your answer consider the artist of the past, present and future. What did they go through, was their greatest work ever acknowledged when they where living?

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Music: Nelly's Echo at the University of Memphis

Singer-songwriter Nelson Emokpae of  Nelly's Echo and beat-boxer Chick The Mad OX gave students a show to talk about last Thursday as they gave a live performance at the University of Memphis.

Nelson handled the guitar while Chuck The Mad OX verbalized the beats with his mouth. They performed songs like Bill Withers's "Gramdma's Hands" and their own rendition of "Walking in Memphis" which can be heard on Nelson's YouTube page if you missed the show. They also performed one of Nelson's original songs called "If I Where The King"

Here are some some photos from the event and check out more after the break!


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The Videographer, Yoji Moniz

Jesse Boykins III in Amsterdam from Yoji Moniz on Vimeo.

This video features independent  music artist Jesse Boykins III performing a live show in Amsterdam filmed by Yoji Moniz. I really like what Moniz does with this video, especially the fact that it's on black and white. I personal love black and white photography and when videographers do their films in the black and white format it just brings so much more out of the video for me.

Check out more of Yoji Moniz's videos at

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Mockingbird Wednesdays

Preauxx performing "Level One" live with Xavier Jones on the piano, who is also the original producer of the song, along with video recording done by Aaron Turner. Enjoy and Comment!

Mockingbird Wednesdays with Preauxx

Memphis rapper Preauxx is starting a new project called Mockingbird Wednesdays in which he releases various types of material every Wednesday whether it be a new song, music video, interviews, etc.

The kick of this project will begin this Wednesday January 19, so be on the look out.

Wednesdays project will feature Preauxx giving a live performance of a song from his previous mixtape To Kill A Mockingbird called  "Level 1". In the video Xavier plays a live piano while Preauxx performs the lyrics.

Checkout Preauxx on ReverbNation, Twitter, and Tumblr

Checkout stills from the video shoot below.

Photographing the Kawai Piano

  I had the opportunity of photographing a Kawai grand piano while hanging out with a friend on campus yesterday, while I was watching them playing the piano. The top of the piano was open while it was being played and I noticed all of the different things inside the piano. I thought to myself I've never photograph a piano before so why not take the opportunity to do so.

  Kawai is a music company based out of Japan, established in August of 1927 by Koichi Kawai a piano craftsman, in Hamamatsu, Japan. The company is best known for its grand and upright pianos.

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 The piano was a little dusty.

 Cast iron plate.

Tuning pins. 


Xavier on the keys.

Snow at the University of Memphis

After it snowed Sunday evening here in Memphis, Tennessee I decided to get out and take some some pictures of the campus covered in snow. So here you are.

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