Street Photography

Today I did some street photography around Blacksburg, VA, a small college town where Virginia Tech is located. I mostly shot on campus and in the downtown area, it's pretty much a quiet place, nothing really going on especially since most of the college students are gone for the summer. I went out at about 7 just as the sun was beginning to set.

I have recently been inspired to try street photography after seeing Eric Kim's video of him doing some street photography. Eric is a Los Angeles street photographer and has some excellent work on his blog, be sure to check it out. I was a little sacred at first when going out to shoot people because I didn't' know what their reaction would be, but things worked out well, most people where very nice, and some people didn't even notice me taking their photo. So let me know what you think of the shots. 


  1. They turned out so well! Your photography is so beautiful :)